Dear Gaby and Michel,
I have to say that I was a little saddened yesterday that we have finally completed our "business" project with you. Warren and I have both felt that the building of our retirement home with Cadieux has been a joint"family" project. The care, personal attention and professionalism that you gave to the building of our dream home was way more than we could have hoped for. We were always confident that you had our best interests at heart and always had time to hear our dreams and aspirations and advise us of their possibilities. One hears horror stories about substandard contractors alot in the media lately, but this was certainly not the case in our relationship. As you already know, we have no trouble at all recommending you to our friends and want to reiterrrate that should you ever want us to do anything to help promote your company in the future, just let us know.
Debbie and Warren